• What You Can Expect

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    At Pomogranit Stones we understand you have choices. Therefore our goal is to consult with you and provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision that will meet your requirement. Our mission is to connect with our customer because we understand that kitchen and bath is the heart of the home.

    Step by Step …

    1. INTRODUCTION: You are either sent by your Builder, Fabricator, Designer, or we are happy that you just walked in. We encourage you to meet with your fabricator/contractor before you meet with us to have an idea of level to stay within.
    2. CONSULTATION: A Showroom Consultant works with you to understand your vision, style and budget of your project. Since Pomogranit Stones is a wholesale distributor, we discuss slab pricing to the trade and not to general public.
    3. TOUR: After understanding the scope of the project, with the assistance of the showroom consultant we begin taking a tour of the beautiful selections Pomogranit Stones has to offer.
    4. SELECTION: We take pride in offering the biggest range of products in Texas. Once you find your product, we encourage hand picking your unique slabs. Your selected slabs will be tagged.
    5. COMMUNICATION / BUDGETING: We will communicate your selection with your builder, fabricator or contractor of your choice. They will then work with you on Budgeting.
    6. DELIVERY: Your material will be prepped for delivery courtesy of Pomogranit Stones, or they can be picked up by your contractor/fabricator.
    7. FABRICATION/INSTALLATION: Fabricator will begin the intricate process of turning raw material to a custom kitchen, bath, or any other project.
    8. END RESULT: Whether its Man-Made, or from Mother Nature, it is time to enjoy the beauty provided by Pomogranit Stones and selected by you.
    9. SHARE YOUR SPACE: We enjoy taking time with each family that comes to Pomogranit Stones. We look forward to seeing our product in your home. Share pictures to our Facebook and enter a chance to win $100 Visa gift card.
    10. TELL YOUR FRIENDS: If you enjoyed the process with our Pomogranit Family, don’t forget to tell your friends and family.
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