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    Quantra: Natural quartz surfaces Engineered to Perfection

    We at Pomogranit Stones have selected Quantra as our Quartz brand of choice. We are proud to be 1 of only 5 distributors to carry Quantra in the United States, and exclusive for entire state of Texas.

    Quantra is a premium natural quartz that is solid, non-porous, homogenous, and highly durable. Quartz is engineered to make it resistant to scratching, highly resistant to staining, and low water absorption. Virtually making this product maintenance free. Quantra is twice as impact resistance and four times stronger than natural stone.

    Quanta is manufactured using world renowned BRETONSTONE® SYSTEM. It is the exclusive technology, patented by Breton S.p.A Italy of “Compaction by Vibocommpression Under Vacuum” which makes it possible to work and contact dry mixtures formed by stone aggregates and binding paste into compound stone of highly quality “Natural Quartz”.
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    Quantra is composed of up to 93% premium grade pure quartz and 7% high quality resin. Quantra is colored using finest quality pigments which ensures the consistency of color from batch to batch.

    Characteristics of our product include:

    • Does not stain, chip or scratch easily
    • Does not support mildew or mold
    • Has superior impact resistance
    • Is color consistent and hence allows coordinated application
    • Is easy to maintain
    • Is heat resistant
    • Is immune to freezing and thawing cycle
    • Is non-porous and resist to grown of bacteria and fungi
    • Is resistant to many household chemicals, solvent and acid
    • Is strong, durable and yet beautiful!


    Quantra can be used in various application due to it’s characteristics and dimensions. Due to its aesthetics, quality and durability it can be used for kitchen countertops, bar tops, laboratory tops, bathroom vanities, tub, shower surrounds etc.

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