• Granite


    Granite is a natural stone made from magnum consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar.

    Granite is the most popular material that homeowners choose to get for their home because of its hardness, low absorption rate, and resistance to heat. Granite also provides the biggest range of unique color options to choose from.  Because of it’s exquisite and durable surface Granites makes a perfect choice for both traditional and modern homes.

    Granite comes in many different colors and patterns thanks to the composition and minerals within the rock. Being that it is a natural stone, we recommend hand selecting your slabs at our warehouse. Even if deciding based on samples, seeing the full slabs in person will build confidence in your decision as natural stones have slight variances lot to lot. Granite lasts a lifetime, requires minimal maintenance, adds value to your home, and is truly unique.

    Pomogranit Stones carefully sources it’s Granite Slabs from all over the world where each bundle is selected for it’s quality and meticulous colors.

    Some of our most popular Granites …

    And here they are as slabs …

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