• Limestone

    We are proud to present some of the most beautiful limestones from North America as well as from around the world.

    Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which means it was formed from small particles of rock or stone that have been compacted by pressure. Because limestone is often formed from shells and bones, it is a light color like white, tan, or gray. The color of the limestone depends on the other sediments in the mixture besides the mineral calcite, which is white; impurities such as sand, clay, and organic material are also present in limestone and affect the color. Saint Pierre is one of the most popular Limestone from Canada, its chocolate-brown shades are blended with swirling charcoal grey veins that float throughout the surface and mix with occasional shell fragment in this distinguished way. This hard and compact limestone will occasionally display interesting shell inclusions from its marine formation and can also be cut in a fleuri pattern for a more open and random appearance.

    Limestone features a fine grain and compact mineral structure with inclusions of fossilized marine organisms that add visual interest. One of our lighter limestones, Saint Clair Fleuri, is quarried from the hills of Oklahoma.

    Like sand grains scattered across an empty stretch of beach, St Clair produces swirling waves of sea foam colored veins across a neutral, warm grey base producing a magnificently muted combination. Also come check out some of our more popular limestones such as Lagos Azul and Gascogne Blue from Portugal, Sea Grass from Turkey, Jura Beige and Jura Gray from Germany.

    Some of our most popular Limestones …

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