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    Acutico Collection

    If you like the look of terracotta this collection is your choice. Italian masters of contemporary porcelain tiles by Viva Ceramica have pushed the boundaries once more with this range. The reinterpretation of the classic terra cotta has been overdue. Combining the character of Terra Cotta with the raw finish of concrete embodies the desire of warmth and depth in our interiors.

    Anthology Marble Collection

    Anthology Marble is a collection of 4 types of marbles carefully selected to respond to a range of different tastes and needs.

    Royal Marfil: (from Spain) refined in its colors and soft pattering.

    Velvet Marble: (from Italy) with exquisite, variegated pattering that lends design schemes.

    Luxury White: (from Italy) white in color with compact, light veining that meets with classic and modern taste alike.

    Wild Copper: (from Brazil) a strong, distinctive color with clear veining for boldly expressing character.

    Architect Resin Collection

    The plain simplicity of concrete encounters artistic creativity with broad strokes and expanses of color. The collection draws its inspiration from contemporary architecture. The resin is the key, with a large range of colors of mixing and matching; warm and cool shades for creating sophisticated design schemes.

    Concrete-Lab Collection

    The Concrete-Lab collection gives the combination look of different types of wood, with cements and mud casting. These elements were reproduced on tiles and strips of porcelain wooden formwork with a vintage effect and cast with a contemporary minimal style.

    Two very different but complementary surfaces that can be used individually or in combination to cover residential and commercial areas.

    Cornerstone Collection

    Cornerstone offers its own unique interpretation of the stones of the world based on a fresh vision and new reproduction technologies.

    Distinctive forms and geological rarities collected from the four corners of the planet are used to create a stone collection with a unique identity.

    Elegance Collection

    Elegance is a the perfect combination of style and performance, elegance and practicality, design and durability. A high-performance product created by Ergon for those who know precisely what they want.

    Hampton Collection

    Hampton collection is another line that possesses a wide ranging antimicrobial effect.

    The collection comes with only two colors, White and Gray but it is sure to compliment any space.
    The White mimics a combination of all of our White marbles and the Gray is a perfect shade that will be perfect for any room in your home. This line comes all

    4 field tile sizes and all the matching mosaics and bullnose.

    Indonesian Wood Planks

    If you are wanting something a little more exotic then the Indonesian Wood collection is your choice.

    The surface stands out for the richness of graphics and exclusive shades, resulting in refined and seductive spaces.

    The richness of this collection evokes the unique beauty of natural wood essences characterized by deep veins.

    Kotto Collection

    The Kotto collection creates extremely attractive contemporary interiors thanks to the timeless beauty of clay.

    The marks let by time and hand-processing which feature on the Kotto tiles series which is basis of urban interiors with personality, style and warmth.

    This collection truly shows the Timeless Beauty of Natural Clay.

    Legni Planks

    Legni collection brings you the natural warmth of wood combined with the high technical performance of glazed porcelain.

    The natural warmth of this make this line of floor coverings an ideal solution for fascinating and functional environments.

    An original and soft sensation obtained through surfaces, with soft and contemporary colors creating light and warm atmosphere.

    Marmo Acero Collection

    Marmo Acero Collection sets itself apart by possessing unique consumer properties and high antibacterial activity. It resists bacteria as well as fungus, mold and viruses.

    This line is completely non-toxic and has no oder and is long lasting.

    This collection is perfect for anyone who entertains a lot or doesn’t want to worry about whats being left behind.

    The five distinctive colors are perfect for any space.

    Res-Cover Collection

    Res-Cover offers an contemporary feeling, inspired by the versatile, multifaceted nature of concrete.

    The feel and look of this collection brings an unique brightness, which brings new substance and personality to the furnishings of a home, while creating seamless style and comfort throughout.

    Wood Talk Collection

    The Wood Talk collections resembles wooden planks weathered by years of exposure to the light. This is a hi-tech natural porcelain stoneware which is modem and extremely hard-wearing. This gives it a modern look inspired by nature.

    This collection is among the most chosen by a large number of architects and interior designers.

    The coloring of this collection is so real that it gives the look of wood being oxidized by nature which creates completely original unique shade.

    The inspiration behind this collection was imagined by bringing together lots of different types of wood which had acquired the same color shades by undergoing the same oxidation process.

    This line of porcelain recreates the effect caused by rainwater seepage, the passing seasons, sun and salt spray. It represents Sessile oak, Olive, wWalnut, American Walnut, Chestnut trunks, all very different but united by the color shade decreed by time.

    MarbleLab Collection (Marble Porcelain Tiles)

    Our MarbleLab collection interprets the brightness of the most exclusive marble, through a collection of porcelain stoneware products with unique technical and aesthetic qualities.

    The singular beauty of the marble, with its richness of graphics and exclusive shades, finds new strength in a wide rage of sizes like 24×48 in both polished and matte finish. This offers countless application and composition solution in residential and commercial construction.

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